National Institute of Genealogical Studies

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies was established to assist all genealogists---from family historians to practicing professionals---by providing studies in a variety of genealogical topics. Education provides an important role in raising levels of personal and visible growth and in the certification or accreditation of genealogists.  

National Genealogical Society

Association of Professional Genealogists

APG provides a directory of professional genealogists who are available to the public and can be found by name or searched for by Specialty.  

APG also provides professional genealogists with up-to-date education, conferences, and skill and business building techniques.  In particular they require that members of they organization adhere to the Genealogy "Code of Ethics." This code is use thought out the industry to ensure that all professional genealogists abide by the same ethical standards of conduct to produce excellent results.

Midwest Genealogy Center

MGC is a part of the Mid-Continental Public library system.  Located in Independence, Missouri, it boasts of a large (55,000 Sq Ft) genealogical collection with resources from around the world.

The Family History Library

Each Family History Library serves their community to help make Genealogy research more available to the local community.  It does this by providing computers at the local libraries that are directly connected to the vast resources located at the Family History Library at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, (USA.) There are more than 5100 Family History libraries world wide.  


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has created the largest genealogical tree in the world through Family Search.  Family is the center point around which all the teachings of the LDS Church revolves.  The Church has made this tree available free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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